Glamourous Rebellion.

My sweet,beautiful nightmare...

UPDATE 4/10/14:

I declare this website closed after 6 years of being in use.

It has been fun while it lasted, believe me, I have achieved wonders because of this website.

Moreso, it has kept my sanity through the years and especially helped me out at the times where things were awfully shitty. I honestly don't know what I would've done without this and I am really thankful for the awesome years.

I feel like this has run its course and it is time to move onto greener pastures.

Reasons for moving?

1.) Like I said, I'm moving onto greener pastures. Webs has definitely done a lot for me during the past several years, but it is time to move on. Plus, I'm not exactly a fan of WebBuilder 3. I just converted because I was basically getting forced to.

2.) There are several unwanted guests on here that I'm not exactly too fond off. You know who you are, and really, it frightens me not knowing the identity of people. Really. And for the select few that I DO know your identities, I really don't like you. At all. (Your IP address gives me your location, and that is all I need to know to figure out who you are.)

3.) I'm nearly in college now, I should really try to get something a little more professional while keeping the personal effect to it. Which is why I decided to split this website basically. (I'll explain down below.)

4.) I would like somewhere that easily posts my work and my posts as well as customization. I'm trying to teach myself HTML and it's pretty difficult when you don't have an outlet of such.

It's been fun as I've said, and I thank the Webs community for the years.

As I've said, I've split my website.

I have decided to move my professional website over to Weebly.

I have also decided to move my blog over to WordPress.

I thought of putting the URLs on here, but then I realized that is incredibly silly of me considering that there are very unwanted guests on here roaming about and I don't want that to carry over to the new baby sites when they are just created.

Eventually, once I get most of everything moved, I will be deleting EVERYTHING off of here. 

I thought of removing the website in its entirety, but I kinda want to leave this note here just in case some lost soul still knows of this website and all. This will basically be the last thing on the page when summer rolls around.

It's been fun kiddos, but it's time to take my wings and fly.

Have a fantastic life.